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Our Story...

Our story doesn’t begin in a classroom, at an art school, or with even any formal training. In fact our story is purely nothing more than that of hard work, diligence, and blessings from on high. Art has been in our genes for generations and flows freely through many of our past progenitors. It is the genes of these ancestors who once lived and loved art in all of its many forms as we do which, enlivens and infuses our natural talent today. As we look to the past our present and future become more clear. We look to our ancestors and know that the natural gifts god has given to all mankind can increase in their capacity as we exercise faith, patience, and diligence. Read More...

thomas dicksee christ of the cornfield

Thomas Francis Dicksee Christ in the Cornfield

Remastered Canvas Giclee Framed Print

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chase lewis christ in the mountains

Christ in the Mountains

Canvas Giclee Framed Print

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Our Mission...

Our mission at My LDS Art is to restore, remaster, and produce the worlds finest giclee canvas prints of Jesus Christ. We infuse hard work and countless hours of work into every piece of canvas art representing Jesus Christ. Thus, ensuring museum like quality in all of our canvas giclee prints. We believe in him and wish to share his story with the entire world through the masterpieces of art which represent him. The art portrayed here is the finest pieces our artists could find scouring the worlds library’s, museums, and online databases. We hope you enjoy these pieces as we likewise have come to love them as they share a brief moment of what life might have been like for our Lord Jesus Christ.

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Chase Lewis Christ the Good Shepard

Christ the Good Shepherd

Canvas Giclee Framed Print by: Chase Lewis

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frans schwartz agony in the garden

Frans Schwartz Christ Suffering in The Garden

Remasterd & Restored Canvas Giclee Framed Print.

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james fairman view of jerusalem

Jerusalem at Sunset

Wide Screen Canvas Giclee Framed Print.

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chase lewis salt lake temple

Salt Lake Temple Art

Vintage Canvas Giclee Framed Print.

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eugene burnand - peter and john running to sepulchre

Eugene Burnand Apostles Running to Tomb

Museum Quaility Canvas Giclee Print.

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carl bloch pool of bethesida

Carl Bloch Pool of Bethesda

Canvas Giclee Framed Print

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wise and foolish virgins

Baron Ernest Friedrich - Parable of the Virgins

Canvas Giclee Framed Print

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idaho falls temple

Chase Lewis - Idaho Falls Temple Vintage

Canvas Giclee Framed Print

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