Christ of the Cornfield

Christ in the Cornfield - Thomas Francis Dicksee

Dicksee: Christ of the Cornfield

About The Painting

Christ of the Cornfield, by Thomas Francis Dicksee, is perhaps one of the greatest pieces of art ever painted that represents the Lord Jesus Christ. This painting not only stands as a monument to Jesus Christ, but also Thomas Dicksee. Dicksee’s masterful hand brings to light the Savior’s countenance, physical being, and authority. This painting was originally painted in 1883 and restored at CAL STUDIOS in 2015. Christ of the Cornfield is a true masterpiece that will stand the test of time and already has done so for over 130 years.

The message of the painting comes from Mark 2:27 when Christ said unto the Pharisees: “The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath.” Christ taught the importance of understanding the true meaning of the Sabbath Day when he went with his disciples and picked ears of corn. He showed that the Sabbath day is not to be construed with the endless technicalities which were ascribed to Jewish law, but rather it is lawful to do well. Let this painting serve as reminder of the sacred holy Sabbath Day and that it is a day not only for rest but, for one to do well.

Technology & Quality

Thomas Dicksee painting of Christ in the Cornfield is printed and constructed with the finest materials we could find. It is printed on high quality canvas using only Giclee printing technologies. Giclee printing technology offers not only museum quality but, also helps to match the look and feel of the original painting. The frame chosen to represent this masterpiece is made from hand selected premium pine and is finished with a beautiful black cherry stain. The frame is exquisite and its sheer beauty is accented even more with its weathered crown profile. Each frame is unique in of itself just as every giclee canvas print is. The frame stretches 4 ¼” wide and reaches 1 5/8” in height making it a perfect fit for Thomas Dicksee’s painting.

My LDS Art uses only the finest raw materials that are available for all of our canvas printing, production, and finish work. Our techniques and equipment used to print all of our artwork are the top of the industry standard and likewise is reflected in all of our work. We strive to to use these standards to ensure that each piece that is printed reflects the true beauty of the original. Every giclee canvas print is a true one masterpiece and reflects the quality you would see in a museum reproduction Our restoration experts and in association with CAL STUDIOS have spent hundreds of countless hours bringing Christ of the Cornfield by Thomas Dicksee to life using only the finest technology and painting techniques available.


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