The View of Jerusalem

Jerusalem View of by James Fairman

James Fairman: Jerusalem at Sunset

About The Painting

James Fairman was one of Americas foremost Landscape Painters. His art features specular views, sunsets, and stunning depictions of accuracy of the landscapes he painted. Between the years of 1871-1872 he traveled to Jerusalem and painted three variations of Jerusalem. It was here that Fairman learned that the the holy land held a deep importance to him. Today we see that much his art is reflective from this spiritual land. This painting The View of Jerusalem is one of three Jerusalem Views entitled a “View of Jerusalem.” It was originally painted with oil on canvas between 1871-1872.

The View of Jerusalem by James Fairman can currently be seen inside the Salt Lake Temple, in Salt Lake City, Utah. One of the originals today is held by the Church History and Art of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. This painting has been digitally remastered to fit a true 16x9 landscape orientation. It was widened and then enhanced to portray the magnificent color and beauty of the Jerusalem Landscape. This painting will serve as a true reminder of the natural beauty surrounding the holy land in which the Savior Jesus Christ walked. Let this forgotten masterpiece grace your walls and serve as a constant reminder that any place can be holy if we so desire it to be.

Technology & Quality

The View of Jerusalem is framed, printed, and constructed with the finest raw materials that we could find to portray this beautiful framed painted. The frame is handcrafted from wood and features resilient black colors and coca patina colors. The frame itself features exquisite details and beauty. With smooth scooping lines and and luxurious intricate leaf border, patina wash, and decorative beading it is sure to stand out as one of the highest quality pieces of art and constructed framework we offer.

The frame itself at its highest point stretches to a outstanding 2 ½” and spans over 3 5/8” wide with a rabbet of 13/16” making it a perfect for a giclee canvas print. This frame is one of our top rated frames in terms of luxury, timelessness, and class. Our art studios strive to use on the finest raw materials in all our framing and printing orders. Backed by our state of the art techniques and equipment your finished View of Jerusalem canvas giclee print is sure to stand out as a true museum quality piece. Our restoration experts and in association with CAL STUDIOS have spent hundreds of countless hours bringing this painting to life by using only the finest technology and painting techniques available.


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