The Agony in the Garden

The Agony in the Garden - Frans Schwartz

Frans Schwartz: Christ Suffering in the Garden

About The Painting

The Agony in the Garden, by Frans Schwartz, is a true classic art piece and will add to your home the love the Savior offers to all. The depth of the Savior’s emotions that sacred night in Gethsemane, are truly expressed in this painting. Although suffering in darkness, the light of the heavens broke loose when the Father sent to his Son an angel to comfort him in his agony.

Frans Schwartz, through his skillful touch, has conveyed to us just exactly how the Savior may have felt that sacred and hallowed night. Christ suffering in Gethsemane, by Frans Schwartz, is framed and printed on nothing but the finest canvas and represents a true museum quality piece. The frame is a broad and elegant black in color with lightly brushed with metallic silver accents to match the feel and expression of the painting come alive.

Technology & Quality

The frame at its highest point is 1 ¼” by 3” wide with the rabbet at 3/8”. This frame is equipped with a 1 ¼” black linen liner to further add to the depth and beauty of the frame. The Agony in the Garden canvas print is mounted on ¾” poplar wood stretched and finished with the highest detail to ensure that it fits to the frame. We use only the finest raw materials and state of the art printing equipment to ensure that each piece represents and reflects the true beauty of the original. Each print has been inspected by experts to ensure quality and excellence.

We use only the finest materials that we can find in all of our canvas prints and frames from production, printing, and finish work. Our techniques and printing equipment will ensure that each piece represents and reflects the true beauty of the original. Each canvas print is a true one of kind giclee print. By using giclee printing standards we are able to ensure that our prints meet museum quality and excellence. Our restoration experts and in association with CAL STUDIOS have spent hundreds of countless hours bringing this piece of LDS art by Frans Schwartz back to life using only the finest technology and painting techniques available.


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