Just Who Are We?

We are creative artists who seek to not only create art that reflects our inward
beliefs but, also to restore and bring back to life timeless pieces of art that point us to Jesus Christ

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The Images of Life that Move us...

It is often the subtle, little things in this world that catch our attention and make us stop and realize that something or someone has moved us. It may be a kind act, a realization of the hand of God in one’s life, a miraculous miracle, or just a quiet moment with those whom we love most. It is this movement, energy, and quiet whispering of the spirit that we strive to capture in the art produced and featured here.

There are many things that move us but, universally, without words, the images of life move us all. That which is captured by our minds, photo, or brush serve as something deeper. These images connect our intellect to our hearts, and in that brief movement we are often moved from one plane to another. The images of life can simply be a precious moment, captured on photo, that when looked upon allows our minds to travel back in time, and for a brief moment we remember exactly how we felt in that place and time.

All of us are moved in some degree or another by the art which makes up our world. Whether it be a painting, logo, sign, color scheme, or the aesthetic makeup of our favorite sports team, or band. Art, at its core, is what helps define these public and non-public entities. This art helps create an identity which sticks forever as it does for these people, persons, groups, business’s, or entities in that which they represent. Our hope at My LDS Art is to capture that movement which exists all around us and infuse it into the artist’s paintings who makeup our library.

Our Story

& Start...

In the year 2016 My LDS Art became a reality. As we looked upon my library of painting & remastered artwork there came a quiet voice to me that perhaps there was someone out there that could benefit from these paintings. With that in mind we went to work. In the short span of 60 days, a portion of my catalog was uploaded and made available for all to enjoy. But, my story started many years prior to 2016. In fact, we can trace back my roots to as early as 2003. It was during this time period that my love for art in all its varieties was discovered.

At an early age in life there was awakened a deep sense of appreciation for the love of art in all its forms. Experimentation in a variety of forms and mediums was pursued. But, what perhaps propelled our creativity was the ability to take a physical art and enhance it beyond our physical capacities with that which is digital. At its core that is what we strive to do with all of our artwork. By enhancing artwork with digital technology, our limits and bounds were removed from that which would otherwise not allow such manipulations and creations to be made possible for us.

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New Roots

" As we Look to the Past our Present and Future Become Clearer"

rich young ruler fade

What you see at My LDS Art are mostly the works of many timeless masterpieces representing Jesus Christ, many of which have in a since become forgotten. The beauty and tranquility of these masterpieces inspired us to revive the grandeur of these paintings for all to enjoy. We do not take credit for these paintings, nor even profess to be as skillful and talented as the original artist who crafted these masterpieces. Our goal is to simply build upon the greatness of these paintings, and if possible, enhance their beauty for the 21st century. We believe that any artist who attempts to paint Jesus Christ must, to some degree or another, have the spirit of Christ enlivened within them.

To take on such a challenge is not an easy attempt, as one must find within themselves a degree of inspiration as to what the Savior must have looked like. What you see here on My LDS Art are the interpretations and inspirations of the mission and life of our Lord Jesus Christ. If your appreciation for Christ has increased, or your testimony has been strengthened because of the artwork of these inspired men, then we have achieved what we have set out to do. May these paintings light up your life as they have ours as we have had the privilege of working on them.

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